Our Beginnings

Following regular Bible study meetings held in a Takanini home, it was decided in 1949 to hire a hall and begin Sunday morning meetings and Sunday school. Two years later, a building was constructed and services began at Takanini Church of Christ (Life & Advent). We continued to worship in the original sanctuary, though the building was added to over the years, and the Church changed it’s name to Takanini Community Church in 2012.

Churches of Christ (Life & Advent)
In 1994 New Zealand’s Churches of Christ (Life & Advent) Association disbanded with some of it’s churches electing to join the Baptist Union of New Zealand and some remaining independent.
The Association itself effectively divided into two separate legal entities – one with a doctrinal emphasis (Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand) and the other with international mission interests (Advent Christian Missions New Zealand).

Advent Christian Conference of New Zealand Inc.
In 1998 the Advent Christian Conference of New Zealand (acconz) was formed, two of the remaining three Churches of Christ (L&A) churches affiliated and a new church was soon planted in the nearby community of Ranwick Park, Manurewa.
In 2016 the third remaining (L&A) church affiliated with acconz.

Our Ending

On April 23rd, 2017 our congregation disbanded following an abrupt halt to many of our ministries through leadership illnesses, announcements of various member’s departures, and a realisation that sustainability of ministries and stewardship of the building would no longer be possible.
The buildings and land are held in trust and administered by the Takanini Community Church Property Trust.

sharing love, hope & faith in takanini for 66 years
Pastors & Pastoral Leaders: 1951-2017

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